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Friday, September 28, 2012

Drugging Young Kids

These Are The Drugs Given After Intering Juvenile Hall Seroquel >(It Replaced Trazodone) Trazodone >.(I was told She needed help for sleeping, (After researching & talking with a counselor I found out it was presribed for PSD) " I talked to her about my concerns, ( I had read these could be dangerous, & Not for kids under 18) Leslie did say she was concerned also, & would talk to someone about the amount that were being taken each day" 1. Wellbutrin 2. Zoloft 3. Celexa 4. Klonopin Oral 5. (Depakote), 6. Risperdal), 7. risperidone 8. Remeron . (It Is Presribed for Depression, & Bi-Polar) 9. Destrel 10. Tegretol --------------- I do not know at what times she was taking all these, But I do know that in June 2003 Amber told me she was taking 15 pills a day and these were the ones she told me at the time they were giving heer. Zyprexa was perscribed also atabout the same time for depression. They also were giving her Lamital In June. By Aug. woo4 the dosage was at the highest level. -------------------------------------- I know of 3 Doctors She saw and that gave her these. These are Antipsycotic Medications. In Oct. The 29th. The Doctor :Telephoned me to ask if he could contine giving these* He called & wants my peremission to give these. ( She had already been taking these, Was allowed to sign her own forms. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to sign for these meds. though they are not for children. ) When I told him I felt these were dangerous drugs " He told me she was suffering ( Separtion & Anxiety Dissorder and Post Tramantic Stress. ---------------------------------- Trazadone was Added In 2003 Also: Reason For Giving: High Anxiety,sleelessness, Mood Instabilty: ++++++++++++++++++ Side Effects Of This Drug Are>> Siezers,Headaches,Memory Loss,Nervousness,Anxiety,Sleeplessness, Tremors,Slurred speech,Weakness, Numbness In Arms,Legs And Feet. permenant Shaking Of Hands,Legs,Arms,Eyes And Lips. Heartattack,Weight Gain,Periods Stopping,Chest Pain,Red Itchy Eyes, Dihrrea,Rash,Jundice,Pain In The Joints. ------------------------------------------------ 9/16/2003 Depakote Was Perscribed For Mood Didorder This Drug Carries A Warning: Not To Be Given To Children Undr 18 Side Effects Of This Drug Are> Sedation,Nausea,Uncoordination,Rash,Changes In White Blood Count, -------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Effects Of Seroquel Are >> dryness Of Mouth And Eyes,Blood Pressure Changes,Restlessness,Stiffness, Tremors,Increased Risk Of Siezures,Weight Gain,The Persistent Movement Of Eyes,lips,Hands And Feet. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Effects Of Clozapine Are: Severe agranulocytosis (White Blood CEll Drop) fever,Low Blood Pressure,pulse,Constipation and Excessive Drooling. (Weekly laboratory tests are needed in the first six months of treatment and every 2 weeks thereafter) ---------------------------------------------------------------- These Were All Perscribed By Her doctor Juvenile Hall Shortly After She was Admitted There. (Drugs Before Entering Juvenile Hall Prozac 10 MG.2x Daily For Depression, Trazadone 1x Daily 25 MG For Mood swings) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Side Effects Of Resperdal Are Uncontrollable movements of the Mouth,Tongue,Cheeks,Arms,hands, Legs,feet,Jaw & eyes.Dizziness Upon Standing.take Caution Not To Become Over Heated; (NOTE: I Called Because i Was Concerned About Her Running Laps In Summer Heat Every Day) Staff was unaware Of This.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combining The Two Drugs Together; Depakote And Seriquel Will Make You Sick: They were: At Juvenile Hall each ward Is In A Seperate Room, And Amber Said That She Would put Her White Slip In The Door (Meaning She Needed Attention) And It Would Be ignored all Day By Staff) Giving Her More Anxiety also Putting Her danger Considering The Different Drugs She was On With Little Suppervision) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Note: I was seeing A Psyciatrist for Anxiety And Depression After Amber Was Locked Up. I asked Him About These Drugs She Was Taking & He Told Me Unless a person Is Psychotic They Should Never Take psychotic Drugs: I Asked Permission To Have My Own Doctor Come In And Talk With Her: They Refused;

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