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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Judge Me If You Must

If You must Judge Me... Judge me not for mistakes of my youth.. And choices made of immaturity. If Judge Me You must.. Judge me not for the life I led before I had a chance to grow, in years, mind and spirit.. If Judge Me You must.. Judge me from this day forward, and the person I have grown into and chose to be.. If Judge Me You Must.. Judge me for the heart, spirit, and soul. Allow yourself to look within to the person I am now.. If Judge Me You must.. . Judge me not for my past and things beyound my control... Judge me for me ,not the things I didn't know how to change.. If Judge Me You Must... Judge me for the person I am, and the person I shall be. Judge me for the inside of me... Give me a second chance to live and love.. If Judge Me You Must.... Author Unknown~

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