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Friday, September 28, 2012

11/19/2007 Amber writes a letter to the persiding Judge: To The Honorable Judge Bylesh I am writting to you because I am a defendant in your court room and I am having some trouble obtaining copies of my reports. When I was arrested and booked into juvenile hall I filed a rape report against my co-defendant. Jason Harris and photographs were taken of my badly bruised thighs and burns & bruises and cig burns were on my arms, where he burnt me.i know my investagator got copies of these, I am fighting a very serious case and I am about to go to trial. My Co-defedant has copies of these as he is pro per. These reports are very important to my case, and I feel this is an injustice to me to be kept from my own evidence while the person who did this to me is allowed to have and carry my evidence with him.It is against my personal rights . I will be back in your court room Dec.21st 2007 & Truely hope you will have these here for me. ( For My Case) I was given my police reports but not my medical. I have been requesting these reports & pictures for a very long time, please this is just one thing semmly very unfair to me & my trial. Thank you for your time with respect, sincerly Amber Riley Please if you get time can you check (Holman V. Superior Court (1981)29 Cal. App. 3d 1302,1310 (246 cal.Rptr. 775) Thank you very much.

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