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Amber And Her Unjust Verdict


This Is My Precious Life They Are Taking.
Don't they care I am not to blame?
The horrible things the police said to defame
They twisted everything, until didn't know,
I couldn't call my folks & I wanted to go home.
This is my precious life they have taken~
They even lied in court, the cops & the Da,
To make the case they didn't care, have they no shame?
It doesn't bother my co-defendant either,
he sits in court and laughs at me.
I am dyeing inside,please someone can't you see?
I did not do this, why would they lie?
My heart hurts so badly, most days I just want to die.~
Oh my friend why have you done this to me?
Please tell them the truth,your hurting so many can't you see?
Please God do not let them forget me here,
Locked up alone,away from home and full of fear.
Let your Angels watch over my case
Please Lord don't leave me in this dreadful place.
Please Lord I don't belong here.
They have gotten away with taking my precious life I fear*
By Amber Rose Riley:2005

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