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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Wrongful Interrogation Of Amber Riley


David 7/1/2009
Very few of us will ever experience what Amber and her parents have suffered in these last 6 years and all of this BEFORE a trial???. I'm not American but am appalled on what I have read about Amber's treatment and the terrible scars on her and her dear parents. Can't see one word written to jstify any guilt on Amber. All people , stand up and be heard, never let this case be closed until Amber is given her rightful freedom please.

Jotworks 6/20/2009
There's no word to express the true extent of how outrageous the situation is for Amber. Nor is it possible to understand the minds of the police and the justice system who did this to her. I wish for Amber's freedom.

Shirley Mandel 6/20/2009
No child should be interrogated without the presence of an counsel or his or her parents. I thought that American citizens had both the right to be silent and a speedy trial. This is an outrage!

Carol Roach 6/16/2009
there has to be a police disciplinary board isn't there, I am in Canada so I cant really help with knowledge of what goes on in the state

Carol Roach 6/16/2009
my god this is awful, isn't there a place to sue the police force they were clearly wrong in every action.

Sheri Fresonke Harper 6/16/2009
Hmm, I feel sympathy for her, but really don't understand the case presented against her.
:) Sheri

J P Whickson 6/16/2009
Sometimes the justice system doesn't work. They go after someone and do what it takes to close the case, regardless of whether they're right or wrong.

Michael Segers 6/16/2009
The "justice" system at work, again. Thanks for the report.

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  1. Does Amber have parents, grandparents, or other relatives that are fighting for her. I've looked on the internet for information about her family but can find nothing. Where is the family support system? That's where it starts, with the family.