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Monday, January 2, 2012

Transfering A Juvenile To Adult Court

Case: In re Jorges (1977)34 Cal.App. 3rd. 852,141,Cal. rptr.1 491
p.2d. 793
Minor taken inbto the police station where there was NOT a Probation officer
and questioned. Minor was a Robbery Suspect.

*A Juvenile Officer Must Review the case before TRANSFER is to
take place.
A Fit And Proper Fitness Hearning is To Take Place in 24 Hours.

(Wel. & Inst. Code.707)

( She was denied this Right also) Though intake
officers at Juvenile Hall recemended she have one.)
One intake officer told me, " She came into Juvenile Hall, in the worse
Mess she had ever seen a kid before"

One Counselor told me she had subbmitted a report to her first Attorney,
stateing that she felt Amber most defenitly should have a Fit And Proper
Hearing, And If possible she should of been taken into a hospital rather then lock up.
Amber was in Shock & suffering from PTSD.

Wel. & Inst. Code # (627,5,634) >Also Chapter 121
(Commencement Of Process)
A Parent or Guardiam Are To Be With A minor During Questioning.
Wel. & Inst. Code (# 627(b)&(627.5) Wel.Inst. Vode # (626.(a)

See Garth D.(1976)55 3d.986-997
127 Cal Rptr 881 ( Not Informed Of Her Right To Make Phone Calls.
(Though She Asked 3 Times To Call Home. They efused her
Stateing They Would Try To Get A Hold Of us)


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