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Monday, January 17, 2011

Comment To Article On Amber

Nov 6, 2010
I am Anonymous I have no face...just a point of view, from the time and place of such workings.
i knew the both of them, jason was also known as "Demon" and amber was my best friend for

three years...we were so close...she was innocent, i have an ability for reading people, he was

a demented young man who tortured and killed animals, her on the other hand helped save

rescue lost and abused animals, she was a kind person, and would never harm anyone, no one

really tried to even listen to my story and yet i was suspected of being an accomplice, amber

never really listened to metal, and allegations of this are un-true, i think frank mitchell is one

of the only ones who believe the truth, I am very sorry for the family(of terry)loss, but

spouting blatant hate and blind fury is not going to help any, and this heaven /hell nonsense

is really un-necessary, i knew him as well, and except for being kinda slow he was ok but also

it was a jealous rage with Jason harris he wanted Amber Riley and she like Terry, I wont go

into details, but Jason Abused Amber and just because she was big for her age doesnt mean

anything she was still a naiive teenager and amber was no ringleader, he did it to terry and

made her watch, and threatened her and her family, Even apparently Myself, after the second

time he went to jail(8months) he quickly started to lose it, and during the 2-4 months before

the murder she started even trying to keep her from me, and Amber and I were very close,

like a real brother and sister, not in a romantic way, we werent each other types, but anyway

he started becoming way too posessive and she wanted for us to get rid of him, make him go

away, not in a killing him sense but just to leave us alone and i was also the last few months

more or less starting to venture out and make friends and have a life outside of her but up

untill the murder I didnt really see a change except for maybe being scared and wanting to

go home here and there, she was not the monster everyone thinks she is Jason on the other

will tell you he is and he enjoyed it, he was a self proclaimed satanist and anitchrist of this

generation, she was a sweet young thing and if she actually did it or had a part in it other

than being a frightened spectator then she was a good actess and played us all for fools,

and jasons mother one way or the other is deluded and full of lies, she is a fanatical christian

after all, and yes jasons younger brothers and sisters were good kids and hopefully will never

follow in his steps. dont try to find me, dont try to even guess who I am, it doesnt matter, ALL

that does matter is a point of view. AND just because your not christian and are an athiest or

pagan or whatever does not mean you have no morals or honor.
I have much Information that was left out of the case, not that anyone cared. peace be with

you all.

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