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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family Arrested (How To Survive The Incarceration of A Loved One)

Family Arrested
(How To Survive The Incarceration of A Loved One)
By Ann Edenfield
“Family Arrested” is a how-to manual for family and friends of inmates. On August 5, 1986, the Edenfield family changed drastically.
Ann was left penniless after the arrest, conviction and 15-year sentence of her husband. She begun a long
journey that millions are forced to step into.
She addresses the issues of finance, loneliness, community persecution and the many stigmas that label those left behind.
“Family Arrested” is a first-person account on what to expect when a family member or friend is faced with doing time in the federal prison system. Ann takes it step-by-step to answer some questions on how to go through
the arrest, bail, trial and sentencing. Then, she addresses the prison policies for visitation, sending mail and medical health issues.
“Family Arrested” also addresses the release of the inmate.
Many people are affected by the incarceration of one individual. Whether you are the accused facing prison,
the family left behind or the friend trying to understand the system, you will benefit from the ideas and helpful information found in this manual. If you want to understand more about how the system works, this is great starter book. I suggest that an inmate use this manual as a workbook. It would be beneficial for
inmates to pencil in the policy and procedures of their own facility and send their revised version out.
Also available in audio.
To order contact: Wings Ministry,
2270 B Wyoming NE #130,
Albuquerque, NM 87112
(505) 291-6412 or online at

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