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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life Changing Events~*Written By Amber R Riley

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Life Changing Events~*Written By Amber R Riley Life Changing Events* ~*~ Twists And Turns You never expect There is no guide to see what is next At 16 I wanted to grow up fast Never thought that year was my last Now I'm doing life due to a poor choice of friends Wondering when this nightmare ends. Will I live happy ,finally free? Or will this mistake forever haunt me? I am no saint ,I've done wrong to, How much more must I go through? 10 years of my life,I'm now an adult Waking each day is so difficult I hold on to hope ,make the best of each day. Yet these obstacles will not go away. I fight the state to get my Appeal Sometime of closure for this ordeal The not knowing is the hardest part. Fighting the diespair that lives in my heart. I can't just give up, my parents need me Have my whole life to live,If they ever free me. So many people have lost in this crime, My friend was killed by another I trusted He never thought he would get busted. I was there, but I couldn't tell. Believe me ,I was scared as Hell! Thought he was bluffing until it was to late One stupid choice cost many their fate. To me it all seemed so real, Frozen in place, Not believing this deal. Wish I knew then what was really taking place It could of saved his life and two peoples fate. 16 years old,Not A care in the world, Just hanging out with the guys and the girls Trying drugs and running amuck Never thought I would get stuck. Never thought it could really happen like this Doing life for a crime I didn't commit Written By Amber R. Riley Aug.2012

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  1. Amber is 30 Years old now, a model prisoner and still she is fighting to come home.