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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are Kids Really Getting A 2md Chance?

If a kid is charged at age 14 or 15 he will be 30 years old before a parole hearing?
What kind of chance is that? Their schooling stops the minute they turn 18 in California, they
pull them out of school and any counseling that they were getting at juvenile hall to
have them sit in county jail where they have nothing to do, unless the family orders them books. But this is just my opinion. (I know it is better then nothing, ) I just wish they could serve until they are 24 or 25 at a youth prison then have a team of experts decide if they should then go into prison. But again This is just my opinion.>Gelly*This opinion comes because in California being at the scene of the crime not even responsible for the actual crime gets a kid a murder sentence.I know for a fact they do not weigh surrounding circumstances, and the kids right's are not protected as they claim.

Sacramento Bee Editorial: Young Lifers Deserve Chance for Redemption
New Bill would allow juveniles with life sentences to petition court for rehearing after 15 years 08-26-2011

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