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Friday, June 3, 2011

Entering The Court Room In Orange And Wearing Chains

As I enter the courtroom in Orange and in Chains
>> I lower my head and I begin to pray~
>> I ask God up above to soften hearts and minds,
>> especially of the Da who seems intent on stealing my young life.
>> I look up at the judge and pled with my eyes
>> please see past the wicked Da and cops filled with lies.
>> They look at my parents looking aged and depressed,
>> but they only smirk at our eyes filled with stress..
>> It's so plain to see,as clear as daylight
>> that the system is crooked and far from being right
>> For 6 years now we've tried and we've cried
>> but we haven't given up, nor will we pause our fight.~
>> I lost my first trial, Never expected to lose
>> When I wasn't set free, the hurt bypasted the blues.
>> I toss and I turn on my bunk every night
>> I cry out loud to God to save my innocent life.
>> I can't stand this any longer, and my parents need peace.
>> The lord is my judge,yet the county holds the keys/
>> I've had so many ups and downs,even given up hope.
>> I have even yelled at God at times I couldn't cope.
>> Letters we write, and make call after call,but
>> without a dimne to our name we continue to fall
>> My last lawyer gave up at the very end,
>> It almost cost my life the way he gave in.
>> but the lord heard our prayers and gave us another chance
>> we pray~ to the wrongs into right.
>> I must keep trying to beat this.
>> I cann't simply give in,So many dreams will come true
>> If this trial I can win.
>> I'll go home,get a job, go to the movies,I'll walk and I'll swim,
>> I'll fight for those people lost inside like I was
>> Forced to ride chained and cold to court on a bus.
>> The deputies here degrade us, and constantly yell
>> look at us with wrinkled faces as if we all smell,
>> hardly let us girls out we stay locked in our cells
>> We can not complain or get any help, there are bullies
>> that will retaliate against us if we tell.
>> I must make it home,and start from scratch
>> Lord please help me put this nightmare in the past

Written By Amber Riley

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