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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Isaac Grimes Age 15 Sentenced To 60 Years

By JIM AVILA (@JeffreyKofman) and THOMAS BERMAN
Aug. 18, 2009
How far could an innocent high school student go to try to fit in? In a bizarre case in Colorado, the answer appears to be all the way to murder.

Isaac Grimes is serving a 60-year sentence for killing his onetime best friend Tony Dutcher when he was only 15. Grimes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, but the most shocking part was his explanation of why he did it. According to him, it amounted to a twisted version of the children's game Simon Says.

It all began in the fall of 1999, when Grimes entered his freshman year at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, Colo. He was a lonely boy, who admits he was not popular.

"I wasn't a people person," he said.

His parents, Rob and Donna Grimes agree.

"It was like he was set apart, and he didn't relate as much to kids his own age. He read. Read lots and lots," said Donna.

But early in that fateful year, he crossed paths with a charismatic high school senior named Simon Sue. The unlikely pair shared an interest in chess and video games, and with that, the upperclassman took the younger, nerdy boy under his wing.

Grimes said Sue even offered him a chance to join his club called the O.A.R.A., or the Operations and Reconnaissance Agents. It would be the turning point of Isaac's life. For a young boy, desperate to have connections with others, hanging out with Sue and being invited to join the O.A.R.A was everything he desired -- at first.

Courtesy Jennifer Vandresar
Isaac Grimes, left, and Tony Dutcher, right,... View Full Caption
Isaac Grimes, left, and Tony Dutcher, right, were former best friends who began to drift apart in high school. On a sleepover trip at Dutcher's grandparents' remote mountain home, Grimes slit Dutcher's throat while he lay in his sleeping bag. Grimes claimed that he was forced to commit murder by Simon Sue, a senior at his high school. Close"It was a lot of compliments -- a lot of self-esteem building material. Like you're one of us -- you're cool. You're part of the group," he told "Primetime".

Grimes said he finally felt like he was part of a "band of brothers." Sue reassured him that the group of boys, which included fellow high schoolers Jon Matheny and Glen Urban, would look out for one another.

As much as they wanted their son to have friends, Grimes' parents were skeptical of the relationship.

"One time I had said, 'you know, Simon's a senior -- why is he hanging out with you?' And he said because 'I'm smart,'" recalled Donna, who is convinced Sue preyed upon her son's vulnerability. "It's a shark in the water thing, they smell blood, and I think Simon smelled blood."

She couldn't have imagined that her worst fears — and then some — would soon be realized.

Sophomore Kills Best Friend, Blames Crime on Cult

Teen Says He Was Forced to Murder
Cathleen Mann is a national expert on cults. She readily applies this label to Sue's O.A.R.A. She has interviewed Grimes many times and helped his legal team as they strategized his defense.

"[Grimes] didn't know he was getting involved in a cult, of course," explained Mann. "This is the way that all these groups work, is they get you emotionally invested and then they start to disclose their inner purposes. And by the time you figure out what's going on, you're involved."

Grimes and his so-called band of brothers would quickly move on from fun, harmless activities, like chess to much more dangerous ones. Grimes claims that Sue took the boys to a local range to practice shooting weapons, and he taught them how to disassemble and clean the firearms.

The group was organized in a paramilitary structure with Simon in command. "I started out as a lieutenant, and then became a major, and then a lieutenant colonel," Grimes said.

Grimes also says he was forced to eat and drink until he vomited and that he had to repeatedly watch "Faces of Death," a notorious cult film featuring gruesome footage of animals and humans being killed.

This was all part of Sue's master plan, says Grimes.
First Of The Story, I'm Sorry The Web Site For Below No Longer exsists since He Was sentenced*

Isaac Grimes Organization
PO Box 7055
Colorado Springs, CO 80933

( This Was Before Isaac Was Convicted)

Here's a short message from Isaac's mother, Donna Grimes:

Isaac was subject to trauma and torture and cult tactics. He believed his own family would be slaughtered if he did not follow the demands of his leader. He was so traumatized and disassociated that he confessed to the murder, but seems to think he did it a certain way that does not agree with the physical evidence. Isaac confessed to the police and later helped the prosecution to find all the evidence with which to convict himself and others involved. He has consistently cooperated with investigators and told the truth. He was given a "deal" of 60 years.
Isaac Grimes, will be 19 yrs old on May 30th. He has spent the last 3 yrs and 2 months in Colorado adult prisons. Isaac confessed to the horrid murder of his friend and conspiracy to murder his friend's grandparents. It was a crime beyond belief. It was a crime that Isaac, of own volition could never have committed. The forensic psychologist testified that Isaac had severe PTSD, believed he needed to be punished, was extremely remorseful and in his 15yr old mind had no other option other than to commit murder. The Psychologist testified that Isaac has no sociopath tendencies and had been physically and mentally tortured. Judge Kenneth Plotz said "I don't buy this story "and sentenced Isaac to 60 years. Isaac is a boy who has total redemptive potential. Isaac is currently in Colorado's "prison for the seriously mentally ill" on 23hr lockdown due to his youth. He receives drugs for depression, but no mental health care. 5 months ago he was seen by another psychologist who specializes in cult abuse. This Dr. reports that he has an acute case of PTSD which will turn into psychosis if not treated. Isaac has been accepted to Wellspring which is a cult treatment facility. He is not a danger to society, but will cost society $54,000 a year to keep in confinement. Even the victim's parents have stated that they believe Isaac's sentence to be severe and that there is a difference between Isaac and the other defendants and that "they got into Isaac's head". Isaac has a very strong support system including a church that is raising the $5000 treatment fee for Isaac's first two weeks at Wellspring. Isaac is doing everything he can to keep himself together - taking college courses via mail (no, DOC is not paying for this), corresponding with multiple people. The chaplain at San Carlos has a weekly Bible Study with him. Isaac will have reconsideration of his sentence and we are doing everything we can to see he gets treatment at Wellspring and hopefully can come home. In the day of terror phobia, it is ironic that Judge Plotz would not believe it would happen here. Please check Isaac's site at we have been blessed with friends who are helping us get the word out. Please join us.

Thanks, Rob and Donna Grimes

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