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Monday, February 7, 2011

Looking For Help

May 2003: My daughter witnessed a murder.
By the time police were done questioning her (without a parent or legal counsel,she was being charged as an adult for murder.
She was picked up by local police with older friend( now her co-defendant).
From the time she called home,before she had been picked up by police she called to ask for our help.
and I sent her dad to get her & take her to the police station for help. But he was ever allowed to to see her, speak to her, nor did she call home again. From that day forwarded we have written letters, called local goverment,every attorney in the phone book,and then started writting the people that are suppose to be there to protect juveniles & their rights. These are a few of the responces that came back.
June 2003 Received response to my letter to the Superior Court Juvenile Division.
>>Dear Mrs.----
Your letter of June 29th 2004 has been received in the Juvenile Court.
As your daughter is not under the jurisdiction of the Juvenule Court,this court
is unable to take any action in the current case.
We suggest you discuss your concerns with your daughter's lawyer or consult
a lawyer of your own choosing.
Juvenile Court Judge:
A letter came this morning from The U.S. Department Of Justice:
It is in responce to a letter I wrote them in complaint about our local Police Dept.
Dear Mrs.-----
This is in responce to your letter dated July--2004, in which you protested the manner in which your daughter was interrogated by
your local police department.
(The criminal section of the Civil Rights Division has the responsibilty of enforcing
federal criminal civil rights statutes. The enforcement activity primarily involes deprivation of civil
rights under color of law, generally police brutality(18 U.S.C. codes #241 and 242)
We have carefully reviewed the information which you furnished. However,we have
concluded that your complaint does not involve proscutable violation of federal criminal civil
rights statutes. This is not a judgement on the truth or merit of your complaint, it is simply
to inform you that this is not the type of case that ur office could prosecute.
Accordingly, are unable to assist you.
>>Sept.4Th 2003: Sending 2 nd letter to the ABA- American Bar Ass.To see if they will help.

>>Nov.2003:Department Of Childrens Services:
REG: I regret to inform you that since the alleged abuse mentally to your daughter,by local law officals
does not meet the requirements for intervention by the department, as the alleged abuse was and is not by a parent or
a household member.
We suggest you contact the staff at Juvenile hall or the local police department.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.
>>Oct. 2003 The ACLU respondes by first telling me they get 10,000 requests for legal assistence each year.
and due to severe lack of resources they unable to take on the vast majority of cases that come to them for review.
Then they continue by thanking me for taking the time to contact them.
And it ends( We Regret we are unable to assist you with your legal issue.
>>>From the office of the Governor(January 8th 2004)
This office received your correspondence requesting assistance with your daughter's legal matter.
The Governor does not handle constitutional or statutory functions. Therefore
is can not assist you in the relief you request at this time.
Thank you for your letter.
Sincerly Paul H. Dobson Chief Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary:
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The same response came from every legal
and Government office I contacted in search of help*!! These Are Just A few to show how they all do nothing, they contact the dept you are complaining about? < Maybe? Then that Department says "We did nothing wrong" Then it just gets swept under the rug!
Was refered to local people* The same resonce came from each one I called. " We have checked into this and we see she has confessed,we can not do any thing for you"


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