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Monday, March 15, 2010

Kids Don't Belong In Prisons:

Until there is a outcry by the public, many issues you raise will simply remain as they are.
There is no rest for those in prison for crimes they did not commit.
Society seems to demand that the incarcerated admit to their crimes. If they are
innocent, why would you ever expect them to admit to anything?
When an inmate says they are innocent, The public always answers with " They all say that".
Imprisoning children for life is barbaric at best. It is an indication of a society going backwards morally.
What child does not change through time and with experience? What kind of changes for change do they have, locked away with animals? And Worst if society throws away the key?
It is pure unadulterated foolishness to even think or make others believe that a child will stay the same throughout their lives.
The other things to consider here as well, children are not the only ones capable of change.
People fail to realize a crime is much like a photograph. It is a mere snapshot in time. It does speak of happened prior to the event, nor after. It does not speak
of the overall character of those in the picture. It only says,"This is what happened at this particular time and place".
In my experience as an "inmate" I have seen hundreds of inmates come to the conclusion that their previous reasoning and understanding was clearly wrong. Those that did commit a crime some are truly evil and then there are those that sincerely regret the choices they had made, and have changed for the better because of them. I do agree some crimes were committed with malice, aforethought and planning. Yet many more were committed due to a mistake, not thinking clerarly, an err in judgement and some by those to young and immature to realize what they were getting into. Some good people make bad mistakes. For those life is to harsh of sentence to pay.
There are those of us that are not bad people nor are we guilty. I am one that is in prison for a crime I did not commit nor would I ever do what i am accused of doing.
The courts no longer care about The interest of justice. That is only a slogan of times long since past in the American judicial system.
can you please put my letter on the website.
Love And respect
Shane Crum 334-540
T.C.I. Po Box 901
Leavittsburg Oh 4430

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