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Monday, January 2, 2012

More On Amber's Case

Amber has been fighting for her life against a crime she was pushed into confessing to but did not commit @ age 16 :
She Lost at trial when defending Attorney forgot to defend: She Motioned for a new trial: Motioning ineffective counsel: After giving new lawyer 3 months at What the Da had 7 years to twist & Opinionate and continue time after time to suit her needs. Amber lost her new trial motion : Points included In Motion were:
1}"Misrepresentation of Counsel

2}Ineffective Counsil

3}Violations Of 5,6,8,and 14

4} Failure to surpress Evidence(A confession that she was forced to make after hours of protesting her innocence:Interrogated by police without counsel or parent or probation officer present:

5}Court ordered Conflict Attorney when then there was no conflict

A young girl's life has been taken by a older Co-defdendant & A Over-Zealous DA & Unprofessional Detectives, & A Corrupt Court System:
NOTE> She was denied a new trial: After a year in the Appellettate court, it is going right back to the court & the same Judge that Denied her motion for a new trial.

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